How to use your brand to generate sales and profits, even if you don’t have the best products or the lowest prices.
(And even if you have zero marketing experience.)

I’m Julia Hook, but you can call me Juju. For nearly 30 years, I’ve been building brands. And I’ve got great news for entrepreneurs. Now is the time for small businesses, start-ups, and boutique brands to run the show and rule the market. Never before have big and glitzy brands been at such a disadvantage. In this live webclass, I’ll show you why you’re ready – NOW – to serve your dream clients, charge full price, and steal the show.

  • The three simple secrets that apply to every thriving brand
  • How to turn your business into a dream-client magnet (without a big investment)
  • How you can create a brand that dominates, even with no marketing experience
  • Why a brand is NOT what you think it is (and why that’s not your fault)
  • How to use your brand as a power tool for sustainable sales and long-term profit
  • How to be competitive, even if you don’t have the best products or the lowest prices
  • What you should be focusing on, rather than logos, colors, fonts or artwork
  • Where big brands miss the mark – and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Why differentiating your business from every other is so much easier than you think
  • How to stop chasing the latest traffic tactics – and make your ads truly pay off

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